Did You Know … ?


Did you know that last year the University and College Union:

  • won more than £10m for UCU members treated unfairly at work
  • provided face to face advice for more than 28,000 UCU members
  • supported more than 8,000 UCU members in disciplinary or grievance hearings
  • negotiated salary increases for more than 110,000 UCU members covering more than 500 employers
  • helped more than 15,000 staff get access to our CPD programme including courses on classroom management, research fund bidding and voice care.
Join UCU today from as little as 99p a month.

UCU specialises in providing high quality representation for education staff in colleges, universities, prisons and adult learning institutions. That is what makes us, in the words of The Guardian, ‘Britain’s biggest academic lobby.’

Be part of it. Join UCU today from as little as 99p a month and get a free copy of our Staff Survival Guide packed full of useful advice, tips and hints to get the most of your job.


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