Workload Survey Results

Funny Stressful Clipart 3

Survey Highlights Worrying Concerns Over Workload

UCU has published a survey taken by staff, highlighting some real concerns over workload and stress in the workplace. The major findings are as follows:

  1. staff in both the higher education and further education sectors are working an average of more than two days unpaid every week
  2. workload is unmanageable and unsustainable for the majority of academic staff and lecturers
  3. staff are taking on more responsibility and administration
  4. student expectations have increased
  5. professional and career development is suffering as a result of increasing workload pressures.

The full story may be found here

Know Your Contract

As workload increases with increasing pressures in both teaching and research, it pays to know how your contract protects you. Take a look at our section on the Post-92 contract which applies to Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Principal Lecturers.

Is It All Getting Too Much?

Don’t forget that our friendly UCU representatives are here to help. If you’re not already a member, you can join UCU by clicking here. Contact our representatives by clicking here.



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