UCU Reports Pay Rises For Uni Heads

cash1-300pxUniversity Heads Average Salary £277834 (Up 2%)

University heads received an average salary package of £277,834 for the academic year 2015/16 – an increase of 2% on the previous year and 6.5 times the average pay of their staff, according to a UCU report released today. During the same period, staff received a pay increase of just 1%.

  • Fifty-four vice-chancellors took home more than £300,000
  • Eleven VCs were paid more than £400,000
  • Vice-chancellors spent an average of £7,762 on flights. Two-thirds of flights (65%) were taken in business or first class in 2015/16. Twenty-two vice-chancellors flew exclusively in first class or business class
  • Vice-chancellors spent an average of £2,982 on hotels in 2015/16
  • A third of universities (35%) said that they provided accommodation for their vice-chancellor
  • The average expenses bill was £1,150
  • Eight (5%) universities did not respond to the union’s FOI request and five (3%) used exemptions to refuse to answer all questions
  • Only a quarter (40 out of 159) provided unredacted minutes from their most recent remuneration committee meeting – where the pay of the vice-chancellor is decided

Read the news article here

Find the stats for individual institutions here


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