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Our friendly team at Huddersfield would like to welcome you onboard. Get the protection and support you need. Registered research students who are also engaged in paid teaching or similar work for the university can join for free.

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Information on membership costs may be found here

Can You Really Afford Not To Join UCU?

  • We are about fairness, transparency, equality and creating a happy and fulfilling work environment. We believe that happy employees benefit the entire university.
  • We have the global picture. We gather feedback from our members all over Huddersfield University and understand the important issues.
  • We offer essential representation when times are turbulent.
  • We offer an ear to listen to your problems and give practical advice in total confidence.
  • We scrutinise proposed changes in working conditions and speak out when we think something is unfair or unacceptable to our members.
  • In situations where you feel uncomfortable, a representative can accompany you to meetings.
  • We can call upon regional and national UCU for guidance and support when necessary, including legal advice.
  • Nationally UCU is the largest post-school union in the world. We have almost 110,000 members.
  • Nationally and regionally, UCU is able to publicise issues that matter to you in the news and media.
  • Still not sure? Click here for more information.

One Last Thing…

Being part of a union is your right, and you’ll be part of a family of 110,000 people. Huddersfield University recognises UCU, talks to UCU and provides links to our website. We have members at every level. We are an essential part of our university and play a valuable role. The Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (‘TULRA’) protects employees from being treated unfairly because of trade union membership or participation in trade union activities.