Lecture Capture Information


Lecture Capture Light Code

The lighting system used with lecture capture is as follows:

Green – Lecture Capture is recording

Amber – Lecture Capture is paused/not recording

Red / No light – Lecture Capture is not operating 

There should be a button on the lectern which toggles lecture capture on/off

Opting Out

Find out about opting-out of lecture capture  by clicking here.

Lecture Capture Is Not To Be Used For Appraisals

Recordings will not be used by managers for reviewing teaching as part of the academic staff appraisal process.  Academic staff may use recordings as part of that process to draw attention to particular examples of good practice.

You Do Not Have To Edit Your Lecture Capture

During the negotiation process, UCU raised concerns that editing lecture capture would lead to a long, time-consuming editing process for each video. For this reason, the university gave the following assurance, which is now policy:

Whilst it is not an expectation or requirement that recording sessions will be edited, the lecture capture system will include an option to allow academic staff to edit a recording before it is published on Unilearn, should they wish to do so.

Full Lecture Capture Policy

Click here for the full lecture capture policy