Lecture Capture Opt-Out


The Main Points

Please note you may opt out for lecture capture for reasons deemed appropriate by the staff member at the time of delivery. Also, if a staff member wishes to pause the recording for any reason, this decision can be taken by the member of staff at the point of delivery. Please see the opting out guidelines below for full details.

UCU spent considerable time in negotiating conditions for Lecture Capture. It was not agreed that reasons for opting out would be presented to managers for approval. The decision is the lecturer’s entirely and this was agreed with the University.

If you wish to opt out just switch the recording off by hitting the button or pressing F10. The lecture capture light should turn amber to indicate that no recording is taking place.


When to decide about using lecture capture

There are two main points during the academic year when academic staff will make judgements about the suitability of particular sessions for lecture capture.

  1. The first is during the timetabling period, when course teams are deciding what will be taught, when and where.  If at this stage the team is confident that a particular session does not need lecture capture, this should be notified to timetabling staff.  Designating sessions in this way will enable timetabling staff to make the best use of space by reserving rooms with lecture capture facilities for sessions that require lecture capture.  If in doubt, the team is advised not to exempt the session at this stage, but wait until the point at which the session is being taught.
  2. The second is at the point at which the session is being taught.  The system the University will install will offer academic staff the opportunity to stop the recording very simply and quickly in the classroom itself. Thus if a staff member has changed their original plans and has decided the session is not suitable for lecture capture, or  wishes to pause the recording for any reason, this decision can be taken at this later stage.

Reasons for deciding not to use lecture capture

Course teams and individual academics are expected to exercise academic judgement and discretion in determining whether or not a session is suitable for lecture capture.  Reasons for deciding a session is not suitable may include, for example:

·         The session is primarily interactive, such as workshop, group-work session or discussion session and it would not be appropriate or practical to record this.

·         The specific session will present or discuss sensitive or personal material that should not be shared outside the group in question (NB this is not a reason for exempting whole courses or modules, such as social work or counselling, where, in addition to personal information and disclosure, there is work that focuses on theory, policy and legislation and can quite reasonably be recorded to help students – it is always possible to pause the session very quickly if it strays into personal issues).

·         The session is lab or studio-based and revolves around self-directed student activities.

·         It is a one to one, or small group tutorial.

·         Other pedagogical reasons, as agreed by course or module teams, or deemed appropriate by the staff member at the time of delivery.

It is recommended that sessions which involve the delivery of information, or a demonstration or presentation by a lecturer be recorded, so that students can review sections at their own pace.

Members of academic staff who do not wish to have their image captured can choose to have only the voice and screen recorded.

Further Information

For more information about the lecture capture policy, please click here