Strike Action


Why It’s Important To Strike

Nobody wants to take industrial action and the decision to ballot members is only taken as a last resort. We realise that this action affects staff, students and the university as a whole. We believe that when negotiations on fair pay or fair working conditions break down, and when all options have been exhausted, a vote for industrial action is the only avenue left to create a better, fairer, happier university for all concerned.

When a strike is called, support the strike. In the long term we believe this will make a better university for staff and students alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I expected to do during a strike?

Strike action is a serious sanction and that is why we ask that every member observes the strike. In effect it means the withdrawal of labour for the entirety of the strike. This includes sending work emails, working from home, presenting at external conferences, doing research and preparing teaching.

Every member who does not observe the strike is directly undermining the democratic decision taken in the ballot; as well as undermining the union’s bargaining power and making it harder to secure an improved offer.

Will being on strike affect my pension?

It’s highly unlikely that your pension will be affected. For those in their last year or about to retire, there may be some effect. See the UCU’s page on  strike action and pensionable salary if you are concerned.

Do I need to tell management about my intention to strike?

You do NOT have to tell anyone of your intentions, in particular your employer, nor should you feel in any way obliged or compelled to do so.

If you wish to give apologies for a meeting that you cannot attend, or advise a student that you will not be at work, then please do so as a matter of courtesy. Also, if you have an authorised absence (e.g. sickness, pre-booked holiday) then your line manager should be informed/ reminded.

But there is no requirement for you to make things convenient for the employer and there should be no comeback if you decline to give advance notice that you are on strike.

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